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Immersive Roulette Characteristics
Provider Evolution Gaming
House edge 2.7%
RTP 97.3%
Variation European
Table limits $0.5 - $5000
Release year 2013

The most important advantage of live roulette games is that they offer an immersive experience: you feel like you are playing in a real casino. However, some games take this a step further and manage to offer the player an even more immersive experience. Immersive Roulette, developed by Evolution Gaming, falls into this category, as the name suggests. Developed in 2013, the game received the "EGR Game of the Year" award in 2014 and is still among the most popular live roulette variants. If you really want to see the wheel up close, this game is for you. In this guide, we will explain how Roulette Immersive works and list the best casinos that offer this game for South African players.

Immersive Roulette Features

Immersive Roulette Live Casino is actually a variant of European roulette: It does not contain new rules and does not require you to learn the game from scratch. Its difference lies in the features it offers: This is the game that most closely shows the roulette wheel. In order to do this, a large number of Hollywood-style cameras are used, and HD quality images are obtained from them. As soon as the croupier spins the wheel, the camera zooms to it and you can get 200 FPS images from different angles.

When the ball is about to come to a stop, you can slow down the broadcast and watch a replay on a separate screen. We were not kidding when we said “you can see the wheel up close”: You can zoom in to any pocket or adjust the camera angle to different points on the wheel. Since the stream quality is very high, you can see details that you may not even notice with your own eyes: that’s why it is called “immersive”.

Immersive Roulette Evolution Gaming betting limits start from 1 credit and can go up to 500 credits. However, as in other Evolution games, there is a "2x" option, so you can double your bet at any time. The table below shows all the betting limits for this game.

Table Limits

Bet Payout Minimum, $ Maxiumum, $
Straight up 35:1 0.5 100
Split 17:1 0.5 200
Street 11:1 0.5 300
Corner 8:1 0.5 400
Six Line 5:1 1 900
Column 2:1 1 2000
Dozen 2:1 1 2000
Even/Odd 1:1 5 5000
Red/Black 1:1 5 5000
High/Low 1:1 5 5000

Pros & Cons

To tell the truth, the online casino Immersive Roulette does not have many downsides: the most advantageous feature is the possibility of viewing the wheel in high quality from different angles. However, this is also a disadvantage because there is no significant benefit to the player other than high quality images, that is, a more immersive experience. We share the pros and cons below, so you have an idea of what to expect from this game.

  • Your winning chance and the RTP rate are still the same
  • Requires a slightly faster internet connection compared to other live roulette games due to HD quality and 200 FPS video
  • The maximum bet limit may be low for some players (especially high rollers)
  • Chosen as “Game of the Year” by EGR in 2014
  • Amazing stream quality (HD images with up to 200 FPS)
  • You can view the wheel from many different angles
  • The minimum bet limit is suitable for low rollers
  • Works on every mobile device out there
  • You can double your bet anytime
  • As the name suggests, offers a more “immersive” experience

Immersive Roulette Rules

As we mentioned above, Immersive Roulette live is still a European variant and does not require you to relearn how to play. If you have played European roulette before, you can start this game within 5 minutes maximum. The rules are unchanged: you can bet on a specific number, a range of numbers, a color, or whether the outcome will be an odd/even number. Payout values ​​of bet options range from 35:1 to 1:1.

When a new game starts, place your casino chips on the desired bet option and wait for the croupier to spin the wheel. As we've already explained, you can view the wheel from different angles as it spins. When the ball rests on a pocket, you are entitled to a payout determined by your betting option if you have won. The results of previous rounds can be viewed in the game, and you can use this data to make decisions. Note that you can chat with both the dealer and other players. Finally, you don't need to define new strategies: all systems and tactics applicable to European roulette (e.g., Martingale, D’Alambert, James Bond, etc.) can be used in this game as well.

Play Roulette Immersive from South Africa Today!

You can start playing Immersive Roulette live casino right now and with a bonus: We already selected the best casinos for this job. Our recommended casino sites accept members from South Africa, support Rand as a currency, and offer the entire game collection of Evolution Gaming, so you can play other live roulette variants too. Start spinning the wheel right now and get ready for an amazing & immersive experience: good luck out there!

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