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Roulette video manual

How to play roulette
Unsure how to play roulette? We teach you how to play if you watch this video tutorial.
How to Win at Roulette
This video offers you basic roulette strategy tips while teaching you everything you need to now to win in roulette.
Roulette Variations
Do you know the version where the house has an advantage? Find out more about American-style and European roulette games.

There are many roulette variations in the market. However, only some of them are as popular as the American and/or European roulette. American roulette gives to a player less winning advantage, which makes it less profitable. But at the same time the game is more challenging and risky, which attracts players.

If you don’t like risking money, you can play free roulette games online without spending a single penny. When you play roulette, you always want the ball to land on the number you chose; you hope the ball will land on your expected winning number. There are many types of bets in roulette like column bets, line bets, split bets, outside bets, inside bets, etc. You can choose the kind of bet which suits you the best.