Roulette Rules: Step-by-Step Guide

Last updated: 18.04.2022 by Chris Mwangi

A roulette manual is supposed to educate novice players and help them find out everything they need to know about the game. In this case, our roulette manual will focus on the game rules, setup, and possible outcomes in great detail. We have covered the different types of bets as well as what popular versions of the game exist. You can find out a lot about how a game of roulette usually progresses all by taking a moment to have a look at our roulette manual and learn everything you would want to know about the game.

How to play Roulette77
Step 1
Step 1: Make Your Bet

To start a game of roulette, what you need to do is decide on the bet size. But before you can do that, you need to take a look at the chips. Every roulette game is unique and the chips' values are displayed differently, but they are usually an amount between 1 and 100, with some exceptions for VIP roulette, for example. Once you have picked the value of your chips, you can adjust the bet size by placing more or fewer chips. As soon as you have finalized your bet, the dealer will spin the wheel.

Select Bet Type

A straight-up bet is a bet on a single number from the roulette table.

You choose and bet on one of the available columns.

The split bet is placed between two separate numbers to cover both.

A bet on a dozen numbers.

A street bet is a bet on three consecutive numbers and is considered a win if any of the three numbers show up on the wheel.

The Odd / Even bet is a bet placed on either the odd (1, 3, 5) or even (2, 4, 6) numbers coming up.

if you bet on a corner, you are betting on four numbers at the same time.

A bet placed on either the red or black numbers coming up. It does not matter what the denomination of the bet is so long as it’s the correct color.

The line bet allows you to cover two rows of three lines each.

High/Low - In a high or low bet you place a wager on either the numbers from 1-18 or those from 13-36 considered low and high respectively.

Step 2
Step 2: The Dealer Spins the Wheel

Once all bets have been placed, the next step is to let the dealer spin the wheel. Players should listen to the dealer because he will announce when bets can no longer be placed and all that’s going to be left for you is to wait for the outcome of the spin.

Step 3
Step 3: Getting and Understanding the Results

There are various outcomes you can anticipate when playing roulette. You can either win or lose a bet for the most part. The dealer or the automated game software will announce each when an outcome is available. Some games will offer slightly different outcomes. We will touch upon those in a bit.

In short, apart from winning or losing a bet outright, you can experience a third outcome that is available to specific versions of the game only. A game of roulette ends when you have exhausted your bankroll or have decided that the game is no longer fun and want a break.

Roulette Variations: What Games Are There?

American roulette
Wheel American Roulette
Numbers American Roulette
European roulette
Wheel European Roulette
Numbers European Roulette
French Roulette
Wheel French Roulette
Numbers French Roulette

There are three main versions of the game and each is exciting enough to have you hooked right away. Yet, we will cover the ones you definitely must know about, and which are the main archetypes of any new versions of the game.

  • First, you have European Roulette. This game has a single zero and it’s considered to be the classic version of the game based on which all newer versions are created.
  • American Roulette is a slightly different game where you have two zeroes. This increases the house edge, but it also creates an opportunity to place a new type of bet.
  • Last, but hardly least, you have the so-called French Roulette and it’s a fantastic version to try. There, you have La Partage rule, which returns half of your stake if the ball lands on 0 and you have placed an Even/Odds bet. The En Prison rule works in much the same way, only this time you don’t claim just half of your money, but the entire value of your bet. La Partage rule is common to French Roulette, but for En Prison, you may need to do some looking around.


Can the dealer influence the result of the spin?

No, the live dealer has zero influence on what the result of the outcome is. This is achieved by creating perfectly symmetrical wheels that spin at a fixed speed and allow for completely randomized outcomes of each spin. There is no way for a person to control the outcome of a roulette spin.

How many numbers should you bet on?

There is no fixed number you are supposed to bet on. Players are welcome to place as many bets as they feel fits their strategy. No casino will have a limit set on the specific numbers you can bet on, but you may run into some specific table limits in terms of bet size.

Can the casino cheat you if you win too much?

No, a reputable casino would never cheat patrons. To make sure you are not the victim of a cheating casino, however, it’s recommended that you only play at recommended and licensed casinos.

What happens if you only bet on red or black?

Some casinos may ask you to stop as they suspect that you are using an advanced strategy. The key is to never repeat your moves too often and just change some strategy from time to time. Of course, the better a casino is the less likely such situations would be.

Are there any specific bet limits?

Yes, each roulette table sets its own specific limit. That is mandated by the casino which establishes the limits for each of its own roulette games. Some will be lower and others will be slightly higher. Either way, there are limits you should be mindful of.